Optimization of the sales process and customer service (IT company)


  • Problems with internal and external communication to the customer in 1 of the key revenue processes.
  • Lack of a standard for the implementation of works ("everyone does their own way, as they can").
  • The need to remember about the tasks to be performed and the lack of a clear path of conduct causing an increasing number of errors and internal problems (e.g. lack of invoicing of work) and external (lack or unclear communication to the client).
  • There are no "hard" measures illustrating numerical problems.



  • Training employees involved in the process in the practical basics of lean management (mapping, measuring and standardizing processes.
  • Mapping and optimization of the entire process of delivering value to the customer for a selected group of services (key revenue).
  • Development of practical and simple standards, responsibilities in the process and rules for completing and communicating work stages.
  • Mapping the process flow in the project and task management tool (Monday).


Reduction to 0 cases of non-billing for work already done (monthly invoices of several hundred to several thousand PLN)
Improving the efficiency of the team and employees throughout the process – from sales to work settlement.
Conscious management of communication and customer relations instead of reactive action and "firefighting".

We want your company to be an organism that is constantly improving.

And we will do a lot to achieve this. However, it is up to you to decide. You deserve it. It's time.

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