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We help businesses operate efficiently with smart, tailored processes that limit and maximize profits at a rapid pace
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Many owners and managers feel that the company is not using its full potential

We often hear from the top-ranking people in companies: "business works the same as a few years ago, but we earn less and less because the costs are rising".

Experience shows that in the face of such challenges, the optimization of company processes is the best compass for managers and owners indicating the direction of the nearest actions. There is no other way...
That is why we provide support, tools and knowledge that, included in simple, wise processes, help to operate more effectively and restore the growth of each of the important indicators for the company.
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Let the effects tell us about our effectiveness

Do you think it's just a utopia? The results of our clients and hard results speak for themselves. Social proof and results:
Year-over-year revenue growth of 250%, with a 3% decrease in costs
Sustained increase in production efficiency by 20% in 6 months
Reduced process time by 90% (from 18 to 2 days)
Reduction of the owner's working time by half (from 12 to 6 hours a day) while maintaining the level of the company's revenues
Reduction of the time to implement a new product (from concept to shelf goods) from 2 years to 1 year
The first holiday of the company owner in 10 years (after approx. 2 months of optimization work)

Quickly visible effects in company life, employee behavior and profits, not just in promises

When we offer you a solution, it will mean that it has benefited many demanding customers. And their profits and savings counted in zlotys and hours gave us a large dose of confidence in the effectiveness.
The purpose of working with us is not to leave you with solutions and the words "now deal with it", but your and the company's success. That's a big promise. However, we are able to fulfill it. How?
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The most predictable and safe investment with high rate of return

There is no doubt about it. If we are talking about quickly reaching a certain level of revenue or reducing costs, then the investment in process optimization is one of those with the highest rate of return.
Faith in this approach and the reproducible effects of our clients give us irrefutable evidence that working on processes only makes sense. And these work with great benefit and in the long run. Do you want that?

Just like in the natural world, the winner in the world of business is the one who is able to react and evolve faster, more efficiently and more accurately

One who can do it systematically. For both people and companies, there are methods that are more effective than others.
Kaizen, or continuous improvement and lean management – have existed for several decades and are gaining more and more recognition in the world. Because they just work! For many years, we have been helping people, teams and companies to effectively manage and enter the path of continuous improvement. We will be happy to talk to you as well.
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Reduction of the process time from 18... up to 2 days?

This is just one of the effects of cooperation with us. And all without additional large investments, increasing the amount of work and resistance of employees.
When we enter the company, we often find the owners working up to several hours a day. When we leave the company, they can often appear in it for no more than a few hours. And this does not affect the development of the company and the level of revenue.
All because we arrange processes in such a way that often the owner, managers and employees achieve the planned goals with little or no additional workload.
Depending on the size of your company and the challenges you face, we will match the right solution for you.
You can guess how to optimize processes. Or - you can talk to people who have been doing it for years and be sure. Which do you prefer?
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Badanie potrzeb Klienta
Z Klientem (na spotkaniu lub zdalnie)
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Przygotowanie propozycji podejścia
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Omówienie propozycji i warunków współpracy
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W zależności od zindentyfikowanych potrzeb
Analiza Potencjału Organizacji
Szkolenie lub warsztaty
(jednorazowe wydarzenie online lub na żywo)
Wsparcie coachingowe
Projekt optymalizacyjny
(z konkretnym celem do osiągnięcia)
Inne rozwiązania szyte na miarę*
*W przypadku zindywidualizowanych potrzeb

We are practitioners

We use commonly recognized and used methodologies (m.in lean management and kaizen), but not treating them dogmatically, but flexibly adapting to the existing needs and limitations – both on the Polish market and a specific company.
We are practitioners. We operate on the market, we are entrepreneurs, we have been consulting for many years. We know all the problems, but also the good sides of business. We know what managers and entrepreneurs struggle with on a daily basis. We gather people who have been working in business for years – both advising clients and running their companies.
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If you feel that this is something for you, please contact us. We'll show you how we can help you

You don't need to know anything about it

You don't have to decide what you need right away.
That's what we're here for.
We will start with a consultation. This is the basic first step that will allow us and you to find out where we start, set goals and choose the best solutions for you.

We do not focus on tools,
but on four areas of action:

Why is it worth to trust us?

Great question. As a person in one of the highest positions in the company, you certainly consider everything in terms of investments and profits.
That is why you will quickly notice the opportunities offered by cooperation with experienced consultants. So why not use probably the best moment to multiply your profits?
So start working with those who, working for the most demanding business people, have proven their effectiveness with hard numbers.
If we decide that the processes in your company are good, we will say it directly, honestly. Otherwise, we will help you make changes that will seriously affect the development and profits of the company.

Working with us has allowed
our clients to realistically:

Develop and implement   a strategy for their business
Increase revenues and profits
Reduce costs
Shorten process times (end-to-end)
Increase the efficiency of processes and teams
Increase the quality of work (reducing the number of errors, repetitions and corrections)
Develop and implement new habits that increase effectiveness
Implement methods and tools to increase productivity

We want your company to be an organism that is constantly improving.

And we will do a lot to achieve this. However, it is up to you to decide. You deserve it. It's time.

Want to start reclaiming time and freeing up profits right away?

You don't have to do anything big. All you have to do is write to us, we will ask you a few questions and we will immediately determine the urgent needs for you to get your life back. Want to start reclaiming time and freeing up profits right away?
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