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Proven methodology
Practice (and not just theory)
Good relations and trust


For over a dozen years we have been working with companies of all sizes and industries. We were where many people, professionally connected with only one area, did not manage to be. Thanks to this, we are able to transfer solutions that have worked in one area to the next.

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Proven methodology

In business, the margin for failure is very small. Instead of "reinventing the wheel" with different chances of effect, we prefer to use the knowledge and experience of others – those who have already succeeded and are still "in the game". Such a recipe "how to do it" is lean management and kaizen – methodologies that we use.
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Practice (and not just theory)

Nowadays you have to constantly update your knowledge. But knowledge alone is unfortunately not enough. What we train and advise on, we also implement on a daily basis – both for clients and our projects. With many problems that some know only from books, we encountered in reality. We helped solve many of them.
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Good relations and trust

It has been known for a long time that good relations and trust count in business. From the beginning of our professional career, we were guided by the fact that we could best help our client. When we became a team of entrepreneurs ourselves, it became even more important to us. If we are not able to help in some area ourselves, we will recommend you experts with whom we have been cooperating for many years. So that your business develops as you expect.
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Our team

Wojciech Suda

Lean management and Kaizen Expert, Founder of StratOps

I am an entrepreneur, lean management and kaizen expert, business trainer and coach with several years of experience in working at all levels of consulting projects: from analyst through project manager to partner supporting clients' businesses. I am a graduate of Law at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw and a certified TRIZ practitioner (method of implementing innovative solutions), Extended DISC trainer and Toyota Kata practitioner.
Professionally, I run strategic and operational projects that increase the efficiency of companies in dozens of different areas and industries. I advise Polish and foreign companies – from micro-enterprises, through family businesses, to corporations listed on the Fortune 500 list. I have worked m.in for: Asseco, Cemex, FM Logistic, Generali, Hertz, Ikea, Lotos, PZU, Medicover, Nowy Styl Group, Sanofi, Stock.
I support organizations in building a culture of continuous improvement, using, m.in, lean management methodology and kaizen philosophy. I gained experience in the areas of strategy development and implementation, creating and modifying organizational structures, mapping and optimization of business processes, performance audits, change management and benchmarking.
I am a co-founder of Kaizendo, the creator of the Institute of Management Effectiveness, a partner in the Synergy Laboratory, a speaker Tato.net and I am active in networking organizations for entrepreneurs.
For many years I have also been improving myself by taking part in trainings and programs at top universities in the world (m.in. HEC Paris, IESE, Wharton) and I regularly implement the acquired knowledge into my practice.
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Agata Cierkońska

Continuous Improvement Expert

Professionally, I deal with consulting and optimization of business and operational activities of enterprises. I have over twenty years of experience, during which I had the opportunity to participate, lead and supervise improvement projects in various departments of the corporation, both those lasting from a few days to these several months.
Lean Management, Customer Experience, Agile or Design Thinking are not alien to me. I use various tools and methods of work in the field of project management, change management and lean business management. The most important thing is that they allow you to achieve the set goal. I analyze, train, implement, coordinate, conduct workshops, observe processes at the place of their implementation, and all this in order to find practical and quick solutions primarily serving people and responding to the real needs of the company.
Practice has shown me how many improvements can be generated if we find space to break away from routine activities, get inspired and think about our work in an unconventional way. And this is what I value the most in implemented projects – creativity, innovation, going beyond the usual schemes. I like active work with people, joint search for optimal solutions and satisfaction with the results achieved.
And after hours ... Well, I never get bored :), I fulfill myself as a wife and mother of a teenager, I am fascinated by nature and the one in my own garden and the one in the forest behind the fence. I photograph and paint, I collect beautiful books with the hope that one day I will read everything I have on my endless reading list. But before that moment comes, I will be happy to launch new optimization initiatives and I will be very pleased to work with your company.
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Krzysztof Jukowski

Purchasing Expert

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Economics of UMCS in Lublin. Since 2001 I have been working professionally in FMCG production companies (Stella Pack, Żywiec Zdrój, Pepsi, MARS), fuels (PKN ORLEN) and chemicals (CIECH). I have valuable 21 years of work experience, ranging from purchasing specialist, through sourcing manager, purchasing manager to purchasing director in organizations with different organizational culture, business awareness, scale and business complexity.
I carried out procurement projects in an international environment, in Polish, English and Russian.
Since 2017, I have been running my own consulting company and supporting companies in purchasing management, searching for a competitive advantage through purchasing, building a purchasing strategy. I carry out workshops and trainings for buyers in the field of purchase management, purchase negotiations, defense against sellers' manipulation.
In the last four years I have carried out consulting, optimization and training projects for: Elitmind, KAR-TEK, WIPASZ, 4REF, STUDENT TRAVEL, PFR Nieruchomości, Lovea, L'Oreal, PKP, Bialcon, Cieleśnica, PIT-Radwar, Bauhaus, Wędlina z Lublina, Spiżarnia, HAP Armatura, LW Bogdanka, MS Poland, Stella Romania, Willisch, Habys, Auto Euro, Bakalland, Reno, LSS Społem, Cewar, Hagi, Kawiarz.
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Mariusz Bober

Expert and mentor in the field of management

I am an economist (after the Warsaw School of Economics) and a manager with 30 years of experience, including over 20 years in management at various levels: from lower management to management boards of large and very large companies (m.in companies from the KGHM Polska Miedź SA Group, Grupa Azoty SA), in manufacturing and service enterprises.
For several years I have been sharing my management experience and supporting small and medium-sized private enterprises. I conduct both trainings and workshops, as well as longer projects in which I take a position inside the company in order to adapt the management system and organization to the stage of development at which the company is located. This is especially true for enterprises that started as micro companies and thanks to the founder's talents have reached a size at which the owner needs professional support, primarily in organizing processes, delegating competences, communication and cooperation between employees, cost accounting, liquidity management, strategy and change management.
I value and that is why I have always cultivated – despite holding high positions – the ability to work "with my own hands". I can develop a strategy, business plan, financial forecast, or plan and implement a process.
My personality traits mean that I can be not only a contractor of business activities, but also an advisor and consultant. I like to help people come to their own solutions, I am focused on the effect of action and cooperation, not on personal glamour. This is also reflected in the way tasks are carried out: I am a supporter of the thesis that the effect consists of the work of each team member, which is why in every project I try to build a team, improve it, build relationships, etc. Which is not in contradiction with the fact that I have no problem eliminating team members who weaken the team, because "the chain is only as strong as its weakest link". My interest in communication in the organization and management psychology improves the effectiveness of action.

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Magdalena Banks

HR Expert

I am an experienced HR Business Partner, I cooperate with companies from Polish and the world. I diagnose business needs in order to skillfully match solutions supporting the development of the organization and its employees. I combine practical knowledge of HR with experience and understanding of business. During my consultations and trainings, together with clients, I look for opportunities for improvement and paths to implement positive changes in the area of Human Resources, which simultaneously support the achievement of the organization's business goals.
I believe that a five-year stay in the UK, to this day, gives me a broader view of reality. Since returning to Polish in 2010, I have worked with over 400 companies from various industries, mainly from the SME sector. Since 2014, together with my partners, I have been running the employment agency Tobea sp. z o.o. 8 years of functioning on the market as a small entrepreneur means that I understand even better the challenges faced by my clients.
I specialize in recruitment, HR consulting and training in the field of: HR, communication, agile management and building relationships with clients. I like to bring out the potential of people and teams. I like to use creative methods of work, I test small solutions, which are often the beginning of larger changes.
I am the originator and organizer of many conferences, trainings and meetings addressed to the business environment, HR, trainers, coaches, advisors and people involved in personal development. I work with business publishers as an editor and author of articles. She is a member of the International Project Management Association Poland and Towarzystwo Biznesu S.A. I am also a PhD student of Cognitive Sciences and Social Communication at UMCS and a graduate of Law at UMCS.
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Agnieszka Baranowska

Business Analyst/Junior Consultant

I am a graduate of Finance and Business Accounting at the Poznań University of Economics and Business (bachelor's thesis on NGO accounting). Currently, I am studying Financial Management and Accounting at the University of Warsaw, where I deepen my knowledge of financial management and prepare a master's thesis in the field of management accounting.
During two years of work in an accounting office, I got to know the specifics of various industries (m.in construction, commercial, IT, medical, training, animal husbandry) cooperating with dozens of companies from the SME sector. Then, for over a year, I supported an IT company operating in the field of designing websites and online stores, and a foundation dealing with cybersecurity, expanding my competences to include further issues (m.in. administrative tasks, matters in the field of "hard" HR, management accounting, settlement of grant projects, organization of workshops for beneficiaries of the foundation, etc.).
For a year I have been working with StratOps as a business analyst and junior consultant. This work helps me broaden my horizons and discover a professional path that I want to follow. My strengths are analysis and work with data, proactivity and independence in action, focus on understanding the client's needs and looking for solutions. I also have very good organizational skills.
For over 10 years I have been active in the Scouting Association of the Republic of Poland (currently I am a troop of the VII Poznań Scouts and the commander of the course for future instructors and team leaders
Working in consulting allows me to combine my natural predispositions with areas of professional interest.
I spend my free time actively with my family and friends. I am a fan of good coffee and mountain hiking, and recently I have also been creating handicrafts.
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Industries we have worked for

  • Architecture
  • Housing
  • Banking
  • Shared Services Centers
  • Energy
  • Farmaceutyka
  • Logistics
  • Equipment service
  • Tourism
  • Legal Services
  • Health care
  • Production
    • Cement
    • Coffee
    • Medicines
    • Furniture
    • Enclosures
    • Feed
    • Industrial furnaces
    • Industrial equipment
  • Financial & Insurance Services
  • IT Services


< 200 companies we have worked for
More than 500 projects carried out
Over 50,000 hours of work with clients
Over 1000 workshops, trainings and lectures
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