We will choose an individual solution for you

Sometimes one meeting, one conversation, one question from the right person can shorten your path to achieving business goals by years. Take the first step now and see how we can help you.
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We will talk about your situation and business needs. Together we will look at your problems and work out the solutions best suited to them.
This is the easiest first step to start working on your and your company's development. Often, an entrepreneur just needs to confront his thoughts and dilemmas with someone experienced in business and various industries who can look from the outside and advise.
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Business coaching 1:1

We will focus on you – the person managing the company. We will set development goals, develop habits that support them and monitor their implementation together.
This form is more structured than consultations. In the coaching process I rely on the Toyota Kata methodology, m.in. Such a process may have a certain number of meetings, but often it is a constant cooperation. There is more space for deepening topics related not only to business, but also to personal development.
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We will transfer specialist knowledge in a simple way, at a level of advancement tailored to the needs of your company. The training helps to build a common language and facilitates further implementations.
The basis of change is awareness. Training helps to build it among all employees, not only the board. In this way, the organizational culture is strengthened and employees feel informed and more involved in the change process.
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Together we will identify the problem, find its root causes and work out a solution. We provide methodology, facilitation and your experience, and the substantive contribution is made by your team.
It is working in smaller groups, where with the help of exercises and discussions, everyone is involved. Although we always support with tips, there is less transfer of knowledge and more development of specific solutions. Depending on the scale of the challenge, it can be a one-time workshop or a series of meetings.
The workshop can be a form of deepening and using the knowledge gained during the training or a way to jointly develop a strategy, vision and company values, or solve current problems.
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We will help you make the planned changes a reality and make sure that they are implemented efficiently. We will monitor the effects of the actions and jointly monitor the conclusions.
If you already have a plan ready, but you need support in implementing it – you've come to the right place. Implementation and monitoring of activities is crucial to achieve the intended results. Thanks to cooperation with us, you can avoid frequently repeated mistakes and overcome difficulties faster.
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Comprehensive cooperation

We will support you in achieving complex goals with a set of services tailored to your needs.
Sometimes what you want to achieve will require long-term and wide-ranging activities – e.g. conducting a series of trainings, a series of workshops and regular support in implementation. Then the answer is constant cooperation.
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Ask any question. You can ask for every detail.
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