The change you carry out in the company is not as fast and efficient as it should?

Have you launched a project for which you are responsible, but the effects differ significantly from the initial arrangements? Or maybe you have a project ahead of you that you know will meet with resistance from employees, so you already need a way to reduce the resistance of people affected by the change and deliver the project on time?

What to do so that employees do not rebel against changes and do not return to old behaviors?

Regardless of whether it is a change in the IT system, implementation of new products, restructuring of the company or changes in the organizational structure, you will encounter resistance from individual people and entire teams.
Sometimes even one "NO" can block your company and prolong the process of change, charging you with unplanned costs that will go into multi-digit sums.

When mature companies implement a project that meets resistance, here's what they do...

You don't have to turn your company upside down so that employees adapt to change, embrace it efficiently, and even become natural change leaders themselves. Regardless of whether you have already encountered a number of difficulties or they are in front of you, we will help you remove them by focusing on the most important elements of change management. We have cooperated with companies from many industries, which is why we understand the specifics of changes and the resistance they generate.

How will we help you?

For the change to happen, we will adjust the solution to your needs. Sometimes it will be permanent help. Other times, a one-time training or workshop.
That's why it's so important to talk to determine what will be right and give you the intended results.
As a result, instead of fighting with employees, you will start to involve them wisely in changes. This does not mean that they will immediately enter new roles, but seeing the meaning and value of change will certainly help them. They stop thinking in common patterns, because they see sense and value in change.

What will you gain from this?

Shorten the time to make changes
You will reduce the resistance of people affected by the change
You will "deliver" the assumed effects of a given project/change
You will help employees to enter changes more consciously and faster

Z kim współpracowaliśmy

Żeby zmiana wydarzyła się dopasujemy rozwiązanie pod Twoje potrzeby. Czasem będzie to pomoc na stałe. Innym razem jednorazowe szkolenie lub warsztat. Dlatego tak ważna jest rozmowa, by ustalić co będzie właściwe i da Ci zamierzone rezultaty.
W efekcie zamiast walczyć z pracownikami zaczniesz ich mądrze angażować w zmiany. To nie znaczy, że wejdą oni od razu w nowe role, ale widzenie sensu i wartości zmian na pewno im w tym pomoże. Przestają myśleć utartymi schematami, bo widzą sens i wartość w zmianie.

When is it worth working on?


  • Launching a large project, the implementation of which in a timely manner is crucial.
  • Numerous changes of various kinds (financial, organizational, human) planned in the near future in the company.
  • "Clashing" with the situation of high resistance of people in previous changes in the company.
  • Lack of knowledge and skills in the field of change management or their insufficient level.


Do you want to ask about the details of cooperation right away?

Ask any question. You can ask for every detail.
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